MFP Accuracy Audit

90.0% Accuracy Rating
Giannis Antetokounmpo will dump his GF within 3 years.
Serena Williams will get divorced within 7 years.
Meghan McCain’s “husband” is gay.
Trump recession just around the corner
Trump will launch false flags leading up to the erection
“Shock poll” will show O’Rourke catching up to Cruz
See, I told you NASCAR ratings were collapsing
See, I told you Roseanne’s ratings would collapse
Ricky Gervais is the 1 celebrity that hasn’t sexually harassed chicks
God would punish the Patriots for supporting Trump
See, I told you Roy Moore was into kinky shit
Virginia Results
Conor McGregor isn’t racist.
Trump’s Foxconn deal is a fraud.
Anthony Scaramucci is fucked.
Michael Bisping will get away w/ shouting “f*ggot”.
RG3 will dump wife for a hotter chick before 2017.
Russell Wilson will dump wife for a hotter chick.
Hillary will win the popular vote by 2 points.
Hillary will win the erectoral college.
Ted Cruz rap song guy is a wigger
Jon Osoff will fall short of 50% in R1 of GA-06.
Jon Osoff will win R2 of GA-06.
See I told you Ralph Reed’s ugly daughter was actually hot