MFP Accuracy Rating

MFP has an 87% accuracy rating with a 36-5 record and 6 pending predictions.

Last updated October 15, 2019.

Tulsi Gabbard is a GRU asset 10 months before Hillary
Tim Ryan has absolutely no chanceCalled it 2 years early, in 2017.
Kamala Harris will NEVER be PresidentCalled it in January 2019.
What the Border Security compromise deal will look likeCalled it 3 months early.
John Kelly fired between February 2018 and March 2019Hit on the when and why back in August, 2017.
2018 Cindy Hyde-Smith victory “inevitable” despite pro-lynching comments
2018 Senate Picks 9 out of 11 picks including Menendez and Tester.
2018 Cruz-Orourke within 4 points
2018 Democrats retake House Even called Nick Gillespie a “retard” for suggesting otherwise.
Fox News poll showing Democrat generic ballot lead evaporating in 2018 midterms is total bullshit
Devin Nunes will “cruise” to reerection in 2018
Andrew Gillum wins FL Gov. Actually had this one right initially, but blew it due to misinformed source.
Trump will not get impeached in 2018
Trump will get 2-4 SCOTUS picks
No Trump Wall
No mass deportations
Cutest illegal alien Belen Sisa will not get deported
Nikki Haley will quit within ~2 years
Beto is Democratic frontrunner
Kellyanne Conway will quit within ~2 years
Giannis Antetokounmpo will dump his GF within 3 years.
Serena Williams will get divorced within 7 years.
Meghan McCain’s “husband” is gay Arianna Huffington situation.
The failure of Obamacare and Trumpcare will lead to single-payer
Trump recession just around the corner
Trump will launch false flags leading up to the erection
“Shock poll” will show O’Rourke catching up to Cruz
See, I told you NASCAR ratings were collapsing
See, I told you Roseanne’s ratings would collapse Show cancelled early, projection voided.
Ricky Gervais is the 1 celebrity that hasn’t sexually harassed chicks
God would punish the Patriots for supporting Trump
See, I told you Roy Moore was into kinky shit
Virginia Results
Conor McGregor isn’t racist.
Trump’s Foxconn deal is a fraud.
Anthony Scaramucci is fucked.
Michael Bisping will get away w/ shouting “f*ggot”.
RG3 will dump wife for a hotter chick before 2017.
Russell Wilson will dump wife for a hotter chick.
Jon Osoff will fall short of 50% in R1 of GA-06.
Jon Osoff will win R2 of GA-06.
See I told you Ralph Reed’s ugly daughter was actually hot
Cut the shit, Mary Fallin will NOT be Trump’s VP!
Hillary will win the popular vote by 2 points.
Hillary will win the erectoral college.
Ben Carson’s lead over Trump is unsustainable This is back when everyone assumed the Trump bubble had burst for good.
Ted Cruz rap song guy is a wigger