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Actually, government shutdowns aren’t a big deal

Musha Hadeen Published December 21, 2018

Patriotic Americans should speak to others about a government shutdown as a cataclysmic event, so as to drive down Trump’s poll numbers. But just between you and me, a temporary government shutdown isn’t a big deal.

But what about essential services?
Funding for essentials like DoD and HHS have already been approved and will continue w/out interruption. In departments or agencies wherein appropriations lapse, essential personnel are obligated to work through the shutdown.

But federal workers won’t get paid!
Not only will they get paid (eventually), many will get paid for literally doing nothing:

  • Essential personnel – By law, essential personnel work and get paid later.
  • Furloughed workers – The gov’t isn’t obligated to pay furloughed workers, but they always do. It’s basically a paid vacation.
But they can’t survive without a paycheck!
On average, federal civilian workers “earn” 50% more than their private-sector counterparts (not including health benefits).

Federal Private-sector
$88,809 $59,458

Including benefits, they earn ~75% more than everyone else, and are basically un-fireable. The only downside is, they may have to wait an extra few weeks for their paychecks.


But a shutdown costs the gov’t billions!
That’s true but misleading.

For example, during Ted Cruz’s 2013 shutdown, the gov’t paid $2.5 billion to furloughed employees for hours not worked and associated fees.

But keep in mind:

Trump’s 2018 budget deficit Total US Debt
$833 billion $21.4 trillion.

Worrying about $2.5 billion at this stage is like having $100,000 in credit card debt and bargain-hunting for cheap toilet paper.

It’s like, go ahead and splurge.

How will the shutdown end?
Trump is demanding $5 billion for border wall funding. The Democrats are offering $1.3 billion for border security.

Eventually, both sides will agree to the following compromise:

  • $2.5-3.75 billion for border security (most of it going to absurdly high pension plans and crony capitalist contractors).
  • Republicans get $$$ for obsolete, overpriced military junk that the Pentagon doesn’t want or need.
  • Democrats get $$$ for green solar scams that goes to investors flying around on private jets.

In exchange, lobbyists will pour $$$ into politicians’ reerection campaigns– and the cycle continues unabated in perpetuity.

Having said that, MFP implores its readers to scare family and friends over the Holidays and get them to hate Trump.

For the record, MFP currently has an 89.1% accuracy rate.

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