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MFP accurately reax to Michael Cohen filing

Musha Hadeen Published November 29, 2018
Why doesn’t Trump just fire Mueller? That would be akin to crossing the Rubicon.

After firing James Comey, dangling pardons, and suborning perjury– moving against the Special Counsel guarantees that obstruction of justice becomes an article of impeachment by the Democrat House, which you may recall was an article of impeachment against William Jefferson:

That said, Trump may eventually conclude that impeachment is preferable to possible prison upon leaving office.

Julius Caesar once faced a similar dilemma:

In order to maintain…immunity from prosecution, Caesar…would need an extension of his current powers…[but] Caesar is ordered to disband his army.

With no good options, Caesar defied the Senate and marched on Rome.

It worked out pretty well for him.

Why doesn’t Trump pardon Trump Jr.? It is not inconceivable that Trump lets his son rot for the following reasons:

  • (1) Pardoning a key witness adds to the obstruction case.
  • (2) If he’s pardoned, Trump Jr. loses his 5th amendment right against incrimination– meaning he can be forced to testify to Congress about the Trump Tower meeting under threat of perjury.
  • (3) Not his favorite:
Why doesn’t Matt Whitaker step in?? Clearly, that was the idea. But Whitaker is now hesitating because then it’s his ass on the line for obstruction of justice, conspiracy, etc.

He is surely asking himself:

If Trump won’t even pardon Trump Jr., how do I know he’ll pardon me?

What if Cohen is lying just to save himself? Uhhh, his office was raided because he was suspected of trying to destroy evidence. It’s not like he volunteered this information. There is a paper trail.
What’s this GOP platform thing I keep hearing about? Trump and Manafort altered the GOP platform in Cleveland to be more pro-Russia as payback for the GRU’s help during the erection:

What’s going to happen next? 60/40 odds Trump disregards legal advice and moves on Mueller. If I had to guess, this happens before January and/or during a gov’t shutdown.

That would almost certainly lead to impeachment by the House. Censure, but not conviction, in the Senate.

For the record, MFP currently has an 88.3% accuracy rate.

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What was the GRU thinking?? I feel like Maria Butina would have a hard time placing in a Dagestanian beauty pageant.

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Here’s Beto’s path to the Democrat nomination

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MFP accurately projects

Post-New Year's 2020 Power Rankings

Top presidential candidates typically don't make it official until the spring, but falling poll numbers have forced Team Warren to declare early.

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Asians and Jews do better than Blacks at the SAME “failing” schools

I know what you're thinking, but it's not that either.

Low-Information Voters

Tucker Carlson: Tea Party conservatives are “morons”

EEach night, Tucker Carlson trolls liberal elites with his plucky yet affable demeanor. But this character was only written 3 years ago by the legendary Roger Ailes.

Mark Levin suddenly doesn't have a problem with the President
playing golf.

“He’s hooked on golf like drug addicts are hooked on drugs…he used to do pot, he used to do coke, now he does golf!”

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Alex Jones reveals:
Sandy Hook massacre was
“completely fake with actors”

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The Most Beautiful Intelligent Woman on Planet Earth.

This is not to say that Emma Dumont is smarter than Kaileigh Brandt (their diverging interests makes that difficult to quantify with anything approaching certainty) or more carnally desirable than Mélissa Theuriau circa 2005.

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Would Marry

The Most Beautiful Intelligent Woman on Planet Earth.

This is not to say that Emma Dumont is smarter than Kaileigh Brandt (their diverging interests makes that difficult to quantify with anything approaching certainty) or more carnally desirable than Mélissa Theuriau circa 2005.

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