The reporter that cucked Ted Cruz has a very beautiful face

MP   |   Published originally June 5, 2018

“The President says he can pardon himself, would you agree with that?”

Obviously, the Founding Fathers– having just risked their fates and fortunes in the War of Independence– never intended to confer upon the Chief Executive the powers of a king.

If a president had the monarchical power to self-pardon, after all, he could commit any or all of the following crimes– then simply pardon himself after the fact:

  • Order genocide, then pardon himself.
  • Rape women on live TV, then pardon himself.
  • Arrest Congress and declare himself Emperor, then pardon himself.

Ted Cruz knows this but can’t say it– so he was just like, “uhhhhh uhh derrrrrrrrrrr”.

Haley Byrd

Be that as it may, the chick who asked Cruz that question has a perfect face– whatever flaws there are, they are imperceptible to the human eye…

But the weird thing is, she’s actually significantly less attractive when she smiles (though still super hot)…

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