I almost unknowingly sexually harassed Jesselyn Cook

MP   |   Published originally June 1, 2018

This is a half-finished article about Jesselyn Cook, a reporter who covers international affairs for the Huffington Post.

Originally, it was going to be something along the lines of, “Wow, Jesselyn is 20% hotter than she looked at the UN”:

But while I was conducting research, I ran across the following article:

Facebook Didn’t Seem To Care I Was Being Sexually Harassed Until I Decided To Write About It…a pro-Trump Facebook group posted my photo and asked its 72,000 members if they would “smash or pass.”

It’s difficult to describe how it feels to discover hundreds of complete strangers debating how fuckable you are. Or to see them casually suggest they’d like to “smash,” “pump” and “skullfuck” you as an apparent form of punishment for your gender and job title.

Dozens of my friends and coworkers reported the group to Facebook. Several hours later, Facebook responded to them with a message saying it had discovered content that “doesn’t follow our Community Standards.”…Upon receiving a request for comment for this article on Friday ― two months after HuffPost initially alerted Facebook to the situation…the group was taken down.

Honestly?? I had no idea that some hot chicks genuinely resent being ogled by men.

But now it makes sense that HuffPo’s Ryan Grimm got mad at MFP for an article entitled “Elise Foley is kinda hot from certain angles”, which featured the following gif:

It was intended as a compliment btw.

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