Natasha Bertrand wore that sexy tight shirt again

MP   |   Published originally May 29, 2018

Natasha Bertrand is a fmr. Business Insider intern turned The Atlantic staff writer and MSNBC contributor.

Though Natasha is not what I would describe as “hot” by 2018’s punishing standards?? In like, the 70’s?? She was the girl that dudes wrote songs about and wanted to marry…

It would be like, I’ll work at the factory? You raise the kids? You grow to resent me in your 40’s. At some point in our 50’s, we realize we’re all we have. We retire happily ever after. And in our golden years, we’ll look back on old photos type shit.

In any case, she wore that sexy outfit again.

My biggest takeaway from that is that she looks alluring af w/ that Court of Henry VIII haircut…

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