MFP accurately rates this Hot Korean Chick

MFP & co.   |   Published originally May 27, 2018

This is a Sprite ad featuring Bae Suzy in her 2014 carnal peak.

This is frumpy, at times homely, technically less hot Jodie Comer– who could pass for your troubled neighbor or divorced alcoholic aunt from when you were growing up.

But in the same way that puppies aren’t as intelligent as human beings, but make up for it with cuteness– white girls with soft features can make up a hotness deficit with snarkiness and/or sheer confidence.

Is she teetering on the edge of chubbiness?? Perhaps, but her confidence shields her like camouflage.

Science, I’m pretty sure, also tells us there are more subtleties in her facial expressions.

In conclusion, when personality is factored in, Jodie Comer is hotter than Suzy as per the chart below…

Suzy Jodie
Photos Only 7.75 7.0
Personality Included 6.75 7.75

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