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MFP accurately grades Trump attacking Syria

Musha Hadeen Published April 13, 2018

Totally called it, btw.

The Trump regime on Friday bombed Syria to distract low-information voters from increasingly unfavorable domestic news. The political ramifications of these strikes are assessed below from the perspective of the relevant tribal factions.

Israel Firsters

For Mossad assets (Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, etc.), this move was an absolute A+, no-doubt-about-it, grand slam homerun masterclass.

Grade A+++

GRU assets

The Kremlin’s western propaganda assets (Alex Jones, Glenn Greenwald, Justin Raimondo, etc.) will temporarily feign outrage– but they understand this was necessary to distract from the Russia probe. And since the Trump regime used backchannel communications to ensure high-level Russian targets were clear of danger– no harm, no foul.

Expect Jones, Greenwald, and Raimondo to hop back on the Trump train within ~2 weeks– just long enough to maintain their credibility among low-information libertarians.

Grade B+

Fake Libertarians

Fake libertarians (Rand Paul, etc.) will feign outrage, but as long as Trump keeps being super racist– they can trick low-information libertarians into blaming Seth Rich’s Real Murderer, George Soros, and Deep State Pizza.

Grade C+

Low-Information Republicans

Low-information Republicans (people who read Daily Caller or The Blaze, etc.) would be the 1st to scream “Muh Declaration of War” if a Democrat were POTUS. But since the freedom strikes were ordered by a Republican, they’re cool with it.

Grade B

Neocons & Defense Contractors

Neocons (Fox News, the Cheneys, etc.) are reveling in the possibility that Trump’s freedom strikes further entangle the US in the Middle East, or even expand into a regional or world war. The only downside from their POV is the lack of tens of thousands of ground troops.

Grade A-

Independents & Unaffiliated

True independents are sooo burnt out by the last 2 years?? At this point, they don’t really give a shit either way.

Grade C


Overall, genius.

Trump’s freedom strikes simultaneously:

  • (1) Bump this weekend’s James Comey press tour
  • (2) Provide cover for Rod Rosenstein’s ouster
  • (3) Paper over the first inklings of economic recession

In the coming months, expect Stephen Miller to work closely w/ John Bolton to plant more “Muslim” false flags and launch overseas military strikes leading up to the 2018 erection.

This is happening

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