BREAKING: Asian guy turns down white chick

MFP & co.   |   Published originally April 4, 2018

This explains Japan’s increasingly economically perilous declining birth rates:

You know, the girls do the grinding in the club?? Uh, she tried to grind?? Uh, you know, I saw her butt coming like that?? I was like, ‘no no no’.

It was really something very disgusting.

More context is available HERE, but to make a long story short: A young Canadian woman named Mira (kanadajin3) moved to Japan and converted to Islam.


But presumably, the offending “grinding” took place prior to the Muslim conversion which greatly reduced her bangability:

Whatever qualms one might have with respect to her face?? No red-blooded American (or African-American or Mexican) would pass up on this big juicy ass:

In furtherance of this point, I would remind you that a number of Caucasian police officers right here in the U.S. of A risked their careers, pensions, and families to have sex w/ this troll-like creature…

Credit ABC 7.

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