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Thank you God, Trump might actually follow through w/ retarded tariffs!!   March 6, 2018

Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn’s resignation on Tuesday suggests the regime might actually follow through w/ the retarded tariff idea– ensuring signs of recession will be evident by 2020, and possibly, as early as 2018!!

It gets even better! #BREXIT and the Italian elections erections will only add to market instability:

This proves that God has not turned his back on America just yet– that an Angel may still ride in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm.


Actually, Gary Cohn is a good dude

Is Gary Cohn a traitor for collaborating w/ the Nazi regime?? Should he be made to answer for his crimes in the Nuremberg Trials II?

Yes, and of course.

But there is more to the man than treason. Despite being worth half a billion dollars, Cohn has shown tremendous personal loyalty by remaining married to Lisa…

If it were me??

I would happily surrender half my fortune in a divorce. Then, I would immediately begin my courtship of Emily Rudd– whom I would shower w/ treasures.

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I know what you’re thinking:

That would be like, a 100-year age difference! What would you 2 even talk about?

Presumably, I’d have $300 million left after the divorce, plus whatever I hid from Lisa in offshore accounts– trust me, Emily and I will work our way through it.

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