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Alex Jones doesn’t hate the Jews   March 1, 2018

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Alex Jones on Thursday responded to accusations of anti-Semitism, noting that both his ex and current wife have large noses:

She’s my ex-wife now…my new wife, her pedigree’s German…the anti-Semites call her Jewish and everything else. And if she was I’d be proud of it. But no, she’s got a noble nose.

Here is the ex, Kelly Jones, referenced above:

You may recall that during a contentious custody hearing last year, Kelly’s lawyer Bobby Newman leveled shocking allegations, as quoted in the Austin American-Statesman (accompanying photo via

Newman riled Jones by delving into an advertisement, apparently from six years ago, in which Newman said Jones’ current wife sought hotel clients as a “massage therapist” who could be a “sensual, sophisticated and intelligent companion.”

Incidentally, while MFP cannot speak to Newman’s claims– I would have married Sunny Lane, despite the fact that she did a stint at the Bunny Ranch.

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