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Chick that sexted with GOP Christian conservative, would ya?   February 28, 2018

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A sex scandal involving married Christian minister and leading congressional candidate Steve Montenegro has engulfed Arizona CD-8, via the New Phoenix Times:

The revelation that [Montenegro] has been cavorting in cyberspace with a Senate staffer…sent a shockwave into the CD8 race…Montenegro is leading the pack to fill the seat vacated by the disgraced Trent Franks (asked staffer to have his baby).

Holford sent him the topless photo…he suggested that she “should have come” out of town with him. And he told her to move to [Snapchat].

For me, a resounding would.

But this makes it even hotter:

When Holford was 19, in 2006, she got wasted with her brother in a car and hit an airport shuttle, injuring three people. She began a seven-year term in 2008. She wasn’t a model prisoner, being found guilty over the years of promoting contraband, theft.

I’m just like:

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