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Wow, Pro-Trump Daytona 500 ratings down bigly   February 20, 2018

NASCAR continues to pay a steep price for backing the Nazi Occupation. This past Sunday’s Daytona 500 was down a whopping 23 percent from the previous year– that’s worse than the NFL or The Walking Dead!

You may recall that during the height of the NFL’s national anthem protest controversy last fall, NASCAR tried to curry favor w/ low-information Americans by siding w/ the Trump regime:

Team owner Richard Petty,…said he would fire any employee that didn’t stand for the anthem…“Anybody that don’t stand up for that ought to be out of the country. Period.”

Most troubling of all, NASCAR fans average age is 58— meaning, even if NASCAR distanced itself from the Nazis, ratings would likely continue to plummet as its elderly fans pass away…

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