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Monica Lewinsky is a “real American hero”   February 10, 2018

I know what you’re thinking:

Ew, gross.

But what you’re really thinking is:

I’d hit it if nobody knew.

But what you’re really thinking is:

I’d hit it. That stupid fucking beret was kind of a turn on, tbh.

I agree with you.

But Bill Clinton was POTUS. Surely, he had access to a higher quality of ho.

But remember: Due to the national scrutiny surrounding the primary and general erections– it had been nearly 4 years since Bill was free to whoremonger.

As any man can attest, such a lack of pussy can make Monica Lewinsky look like Irin Carmon…

You can tell there are deep-seeded daddy-related kinkiness (the best kind) beneath Irin’s emotionally-stable feminazi facade…

Bill de Blasio’s family look like the cast of The Wire

The Regime

Tim Ryan isn’t going to beat Trump, ya crazies!

Do you even UFC bro?

Dana White accurately claims he got in a fist fight w/ Tito Ortiz

Would Smash

RETRACTION: Rachel Keller is hot after all