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Out-of-touch liberal elites think Trump supporters oppose beating women   February 8, 2018

SJW Shepard Smith and other out-of-touch liberal elites this week tried to scandalize the WH’s cover-up of Rob Porter’s alleged domestic violence.

This is just the latest in a long line of supposed “scandals” that end up helping Trump, and confounding the experts.

What the coastal elites fail to recognize is that Trump’s low-information base are stuck in the 15th century, and as such, are the most pro-domestic violence in the country…

Domestic Violence Murders by State

Rank State Trump Margin of Victory in 2016
1 Alaskistan +15%
2 Nevada -2%
3 Louisianistan +20%
4 Tennessistan +26%
5 South Carolinstan +14%
6 Arkansistan +27%
7 Kansastan +21%
8 Kentuckistan +30%
9 Texaq +9%
10-T New Mexico -8%
10-T Missouristan +19%

Whatever your feelings about beating and/or choking a bitch when they step out of line (on this issue, I’m very Republican)– objectively, you have to give Porter props for this…

As Trump said:

‘You’ve already done enough for him. You’re the best piece of tail [Corey Lewandowski] will ever have’.

So, kudos.

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