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Bollywood actress uses dark magic to become the Most Beautiful Woman on Earth   February 8, 2018

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  • (1) The most genetically perfect female specimen remains Kaileigh Brandt, due to her high intelligence and athleticism.
  • (2) The most beautiful woman in history remains Mélissa Theuriau circa her mid-2000’s prime.

Amy Jackson

Plastic surgery, witchcraft, or Faustian bargain??

I cannot say.

But somehow, Liverpudlian Amy Jackson– then, a 7.5 tops, tops— went from appearing in such Bollywood films as “Theri” and “Singh Is Bliing”…

To becoming the most beautiful woman on Earth today…

She makes Melania Trump look like Vladimir Putin…

“Most Beautiful” ≠ genetically superiority

If there was a global calamity?? If a giant asteroid threatened to extinguish all life on Earth?? Then world leaders would deploy special forces to forcibly house Kaileigh Brandt in a top secret underground gov’t bunker– thereby giving humanity the best chance of survival in a harsh and unforgiving post-apocalyptic world.

In such a scenario, Amy would be totally useless. Imagine humanity’s hopes to endure dashed because she ate poisonous berries, ala Ralph…

That said, she has a fucking perfect face…


And to top it all off, her accent isn’t even that annoying…

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