See, I told you so! The Trump recession is just around the corner

MP   |   Published originally February 5, 2018

Did I call it or did I call it?

Even while the regime and its allies were touting cherry-picked economic data, MFP predicted a recession within 2-4 years– and I quote:

Presidential policies have only a nominal impact on the economic cycle…[but]…when the economy inevitably contracts within the next 2-4 years, Trump’s policies can be ~believably blamed.

Modern economic expansion typically lasts between 5-10 years, so we’re due for a downturn…there is the possibility that signs of recession won’t be evident by 2018– but they certainly will be by 2020.

Not saying I told you so, but:

The market will rebound, but after 7 straight years of uninterrupted economic expansion, contraction is just around the corner.

As we head into 2018 and 2020, except the Trump regime to engage in more false flags attacks and overseas military conflicts to distract its low-information supporters.

Most importantly, this brings MFP’s accuracy rating to an all-time record high of 97.5%.

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