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MFP accurately reax to Yo Memo   February 3, 2018


To make a long story short, the WH drafted a false document intended to discredit Bob Mueller and the FBI. Said document was then fed to FSB stooge Devin Nunes to “author” it.

The Kremlin’s paid operatives and bot armies then hyped the story, allowing the Trump regime to release the memo (that they themselves wrote) to much fanfare.

But even Trump’s own hand-picked FBI Director crony couldn’t live with himself…

It was too much even for the Benghazi Guy…

Accurate Reax

While Yo Memo certainly constitutes obstruction of justice– here’s why rule of law is irrelevant in this case:

There is nothing in the Constitution to thwart a tyrannical regime.

If, for example, Congress moved to defund or impeach Trump for his crimes– Trump could simply arrest Congress and the Supreme Court, and pardon himself and the military for any crimes committed in doing so.

The last opportunity the United States had to avert tyranny was 2016 via the erectoral college– a fail-safe conceived by the Founders specifically to avoid circumstances such as these. Unfortunately, the erectors chose to disregard their constitutional duty.

So, whatever.

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