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MFP accurately grades Trump’s State of the Regime speech   January 30, 2018

Flanked by Nazi collaborators Mike Pence and Paul Ryan, Trump delivered his 1st State of the Reich speech on Tuesday in Vichy Washington.

Accurate Grades

Overall, the speech averages out to a C+. It is broken down below from the perspective of the major tribal factions.

  • Fake conservatives (Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Ted Cruz, Hugh Hewitt, NASCAR fans, etc.)

    The proposed trillions in new spending will be funneled back to Trump and Congress through a labyrinth of international holdings and shell corporations in the form of political donations and, primarily, “gifts” and sweetheart real estate deals.

    The racism is just gravy, A+++.

  • Fake libertarians (Rand Paul, Justin A-mush, Young Americans for Tyranny, etc.)

    Among fake libertarians, there is certainly some concern about the unending wars, unconstitutional spying, and $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending on top of the $1.5 trillion Zionist tax cut giveaway to lobbyists.

    But on the other hand, it was pretty racist, so B+.

  • Moderates, independents, and unaffiliated

    No actual moderates watched the speech. Their feelings about Trump are entirely dictated by economic news they hear or read in passing– which have been positive.


  • Democrats

    Lacking a unified strategery, divided Democrats failed miserably in their efforts to undercut the regime’s propaganda.

    To top it all off, they had this autistic retard-looking motherfucker deliver their response…

    Within the context of their failed response, even Democrats must concede, Trump’s SoTR speech was a B.

  • Constitutionalist cucks, libertarian cucks, and patriotic cucks

    At this point, it’s like…

    F-, obviously.

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