New evidence suggests women have NOT gotten significantly hotter over the past 50 years

MP   |   Published originally January 29, 2018


This theory is explored in greater detail HERE, but in short:

(1) Abortion, (2) Birth Control, and (3) Online Dating has resulted in an accelerated form of natural selection– causing American (and, to a lesser extent, British) women to become significantly hotter than they were just 50 years ago.

As evidence of this phenomenon, the most desirable women of the past cannot hold a candle to the sluts of today…

New Evidence

New evidence uncovered from 1966 suggests that women today are simply better at makeup and more knowledgeable about diet.

Note that w/ fake eyelashes, the sluts below would be just as hot as the hoes of the present…

I can’t even make out her face, but we can extrapolate based on the rest of her that she hot af…

Moreover, Heather Thomas circa 1981-1986– particularly in The Fall Guy and Zapped— make Nikki Haley look like Saddam Hussein…

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