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Michael Rapaport accurately explains why White Europeans are better at basketball than White Americans   January 18, 2018

In short, the AAU (the pipeline to college basketball and the NBA), coaches, and scouts too heavily focus on athletic benchmarks– vertical, wingspan, quickness, etc. As a result, less athletic players are cast aside and/or benched from a young age.

In Europe (and South America and China), however, the less “athletic” talent pool necessitates a focus on skill and ball movement. This allows the Manu Ginbolis of the world to develop– such that, by the time they reach their athletic peak, they are:

  • Generally more coach-able
  • Fundamentally sound
  • Accustomed to ball movement offenses that are increasingly popular.

These seemingly pedestrian skills are valued in a league where many players have learned to rely purely on athleticism.

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