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MFP high-fives Trump for smashing Stormy Daniels   January 12, 2018

That’s Stormy Daniels circa 2006.

According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s:

  • The same year Trump allegedly banged her.
  • ~1 year after Trump married Melania.
  • ~4 years after Stormy started in porn.

Credit where credit is allegedly due.

Despite MFP’s principled opposition to Trump’s unconstitutional terrorist regime, on this issue?? High-five:

Trump arranged a $130,000 payment to a former adult-film star a month before the 2016 election as part of an agreement that precluded her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter…a top attorney at the Trump Organization, arranged payment to the woman, Stephanie Clifford, in October 2016.

Stormy Daniels…has privately alleged the encounter with Mr. Trump took place after they met at a July 2006 celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

$130,000 payoff equivalent to just $30 for average American!!!

Here’s the thing.

$130,000 to conceal an affair (and avoid a multi-multi-million dollar divorce settlement) is a testament to Trump’s negotiation skills.

Net Worth Hush $$$
Trump circa 2016 (it’s much higher now) ~$1 billion $130,000
Avg. middle-class American ~$300k ~$30

That’s a fucking steal for this level of pussy…

Personally, not really my type??

I’m more into the naive, vulnerable, insecure Mormon homeschooled chick– just because there’s a moment where you defile her and make her betray all of the principles her loving parents raised her with??

But I can definitely see the appeal…


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