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Please help MFP trick Trump into heartlessly deporting DREAMERS   January 9, 2018


If Trump strikes a moderate, bipartisan deal on DACA– the odds of his reerection skyrocket, and the GOP will likely retain control of the Senate.

In order to keep minorities mobilized heading into 2018, we must trick Trump into heartlessly deporting DACA recipients.

This can be achieved via the following 3-step method:

(1) RT these Ann Coulter tweets

(2) Cut-and-paste one or more of the following comments into your tweet

  • President @realDonaldTrump, I supported you! I was raped by so-called DREAMER SJWs!!!! Please don’t give them AMNESTY! We believed in you!!!!
  • President @realDonaldTrump, my children are being attacked by #DACA recipients!!! PLEASE SAVE US, WE NEED YOU TO DEPORT THEM ASAP!!!!!!
  • President @realDonaldTrump, I voted for you because you were the toughest on illegal aliens!! PLEASE DO NOT CAVE TO THE SJW DEEP STATE THAT LOVES #DACA!!!
  • The Deep State is working with the Dreamers and Muslims to destroy America!! If you give amnesty, I can no longer support you sir!!!!
  • I was counting on President Trump to defeat the Axis of Amnesty!!! Seth Rich was fighting to defeat the Muslim Deep State and DACA!!! Why would you do this to us @realDonaldTrump???????

I am setting up bot accounts to do the same, but I implore you to do your part.

(3) Pray with me

Please God, make Trump heartlessly deport DREAMERS and further alienate moderates heading into 2018…

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