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Rush Limbaugh: Steve Bannon was the WH leaker all along   January 6, 2018

Despite previously insisting that the “fake news” media had no real sources inside the Trump WH, Rush Limbaugh now claims that he knew all along that Steve Bannon was the leaker:

Most of the leaving that was coming out of the Trump White House was Steve Bannon– over half of it…and I have that on almost unassailable authority.

Everybody knows, or has known, that most of the leaking coming out of the White House had been Steve Bannon! You’d be stunned at the number of people who knew. Bannon was spending so much time with Maggie Haberman at the New York Times. He was spending a lot of time with people at The Politico. Everybody knew this!

You may recall stupid moron Laura Ingraham believed otherwise: “Steve Bannon doesn’t talk to the media…on the record or off the record”.


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