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MFP accurately predicts 2018   December 30, 2017

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For the record, MFP is documented to be right 96.1% of the time.

2018 is the year Caitlin Carmichael surpasses Peyton List as the best fmr. Disney actress



But personally?? I actually prefer Sammi Hanratty’s acting…


Meghan McCain’s husband is a gaylord

Look, I dunno if Ben Domenech gonna come out in 18?? But mark my words.


Trump will not get impeached

If Trump devoured a live baby with his bare hands, congressional Republicans would still stand by him for the good of the Reich.

Therefore, the absolute earliest impeachment proceedings could begin is Jan. 2019.

Unfortunately, by then, leading presidential candidates will have adopted a “play it safe” strategery of being as vague and amiable as possible so as not to rile up Trump’s brownshirts– and will therefore distance themselves from any impeachment movements.


Mueller will issue a statement by ~March 2018

Amid paranoia about an “October surprise”, Robert Mueller in ~March will issue a report or statement indicating (A) his Russia probe has concluded or (B) his probe will continue past the 2018 midterms.


There is a 66% chance that Mueller’s findings are exculpatory

There is a 2/3 chance that Mueller concludes that Trump (A) was too incompetent to collude and/or (B) his dementia and senility had progressed to the point that he could not have knowingly committed treason.


Doug Jones will suck up to Trump

Alabamistan Senator-erect Doug Jones is already up for reerection in 2020– a presidential year in which the KKK is expected to turn out at 2016 levels.

As such, expect Doug Jones to find common ground with Trump whenever possible.


The GOP keeps the Senate

Democrats are +12 in the generic ballot, which is consistent with a “wave” erection– but still:

  • Democrats have to defend 25 seats, the GOP only has to defend 8.
  • Democrat constituencies have historically struggled to get it up for off-year erections.
  • Trump and Stephen Miller will launch wars based on false flag attacks– typically good for 5-10 point bumps.


Trump’s Zionist tax cut will be his only major legislative achievement heading into 2018 and 2020

  • Entitlement reform – Republicans cannot support entitlement cuts so soon after gifting trillions of taxpayer dollars to the Jewish donor class.
  • Infrastructure – Fiscal conservatives cannot support additional deficit spending so soon after gifting trillions of taxpayer dollars to the Jewish donor class.
  • Supreme Court picks – Kennedy, Ginsberg, and Breyer will try to hang on through 2018 (or 2020, if necessary) in order to prevent the rise of the 4th Reich.
  • The Wall – lol.

Instead, look for Trump and Steven Miller to distract the public with wars based on false flag attacks as we near the midterms.


Gavin Newsom will win the California gubernatorial erection and immediately start running for POTUS

Good politicians are blessed with good timing.

After getting suckered on the Al Franken thing, the Democrat base is willing to forgive Gavin Newsom’s for his rumored propensity to put his dick in everything…

Please God, don’t let him have Chelsea the Hot Code Pink Protester


Belen Sisa, America’s cutest illegal alien, will NOT be deported


Erection 2018

Roy Moore is probably going to win, but look on the bright side…

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