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MFP accurately reax to Trump’s Zionist tax cuts

Musha Hadeen Published December 20, 2017

For the record, MFP is documented to be right 96.1% of the time.

The Trump regime (and Democrats that halfheartedly feigned opposition) this week passed tax cuts for the wealthy Jewish donors that fund both parties.

As part of the scheme, a portion of the $1.5 trillion Israel First taxpayer giveaway will be funneled back to Trump and Congress through a labyrinth of international holdings and shell corporations in the form of political donations and, primarily, “gifts” and sweetheart real estate deals.

But here’s the bright side:

  • Trump’s Zionist tax cuts will be blamed when the economy goes bad

    Presidential policies have only a nominal impact on the economic cycle. But thankfully, Trump’s low-information supporters are totally uneducated.

    So when the economy inevitably contracts within the next 2-4 years, Trump’s policies can be ~believably blamed.


  • Economic downturn in time for 2018 Midterms

    Modern economic expansion typically lasts between 5-10 years, so we’re due for a downturn— which can then be blamed on Trump’s policies, even though those policies don’t actually have any impact, good or bad!

    Of course, there is the possibility that signs of recession won’t be evident by 2018– but they certainly will be by 2020.


  • The only way this could be better is if the GOP goes after entitlements next

    Trump’s Zionist tax cuts will add trillions to the debt. To address this, many in the GOP will surely seek to aggressively cut entitlement programs– which are, in fact, the key drivers of the national debt.

    Waste, welfare, fraud, corruption– it’s a drop in the bucket compared to $2.5+ trillion in mandatory spending.

    But after having just given away trillions of American taxpayer dollars to Israel First lobbyists???? w/ 2018 and 2020 right around the corner…????

    On the other hand, if the GOP chooses not to tackle entitlements– which again, really are the key drivers of the national debt— then Republicans truly will be responsible for exploding the budget.

    So, fucked either way.


  • John Kelly is on the clock

    In August, MFP predicted that CoS John Kelly would preside over 1 major legislative achievement– after which, Trump would grow weary of Kelly’s regimented approach.

    Expect Kelly to be fired or resign within the next few months– unless there are major developments in the Mueller probe, in which case Kelly’s firing may be delayed slightly.


All in all, awesome.

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