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That stripper whose boyfriend set fire to strip club, would ya?   December 17, 2017

West Virginistan police allege Creio Chance Bishop tried to burn down a strip club to prevent his hot GF from dancing there:

Bishop watched the fire burn from across the street and even yelled at a passerby to mind his own business when the witness appeared to be dialing 911. Bishop was subsequently apprehended in the parking lot of a Walmart across from the strip club.

Upon his arrest, Bishop reportedly revealed a personal motive for the blaze: He wanted to force the closure of JB’s as a way of keeping his girlfriend, McKayla Biedenbach, from continuing to perform at the strip joint.

I empathize, I do.

But even if he were successful, it wouldn’t have stopped her.

Whether she finds another strip club or gets into porn or gets propositioned successfully by rich older men (perhaps even African-American athletes), there is no way you can keep her to yourself– she’s like the hottest chick in all of West Virginistan…

She looks especially trashy in this photo, and I like that…

If I was a wealthy man w/ disposable income, I would definitely haul ass over there to try to manufacture a Pretty Woman scenario for like 3 weeks.


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