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The intern Trent Franks tried to smash, would ya?   December 16, 2017

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When a middle-aged man stopped me in a parking garage and asked me to jump-start his car several years ago, I was happy to help…I mentioned I was a first-year law school student…he was a member of Congress and asked me to follow up with him if I wanted a summer internship.

The congressman called me on my cellphone — from his cellphone — late on a Sunday night. He mentioned that his family wasn’t home and asked me whether I could come over that night for a “final one-on-one interview” with him.

After speaking with my family, I called the congressman back and told him I didn’t feel comfortable going to his house. In that case, he told me, the internship offer was rescinded.

For the uninitiated, disgraced AZ congressman Trent Franks looks like a mutant– I only mention that as an excuse to note that I would smash this reporter pictured next to him…

With respect to would-be intern Melissa Richmond– initially, I was like, “I guessssss”.

But upon reflection, she has a better body than her fat face would suggest…

So, yeah.

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