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MFP accurately reax to Alabamistan results   December 12, 2017

I was wrong.

Tonight’s results lower MFP’s accuracy rating to 96.1%.

  • Fox News quickly throws Roy Moore under the bus

    Fox News and Laura Ingraham went from cheerleading Roy Moore to conceding his criminality in the span of 3 hours…


  • Voter suppression backfired

    They just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

    Republican statewide candidates always win by ~20 points.

    Nevertheless, the Alabamistan GOP, in all its wisdom, engaged in widespread and aggressive voter intimidation and suppression efforts.

    Unfortunately for Steve Bannon and the KKK, this had the effect of riling up normally apathetic African-American voters that never ever turn out for off-year erections.

    Obama-level turnout among African-Americans for a short, chubby white dude w/ zero charisma.



  • Young voters saved the world

    Young voters finally turned up for once, but it wouldn’t have mattered if the elderly came out in their usual numbers…


  • Drudge


  • Breitbart

    I don’t understand the strategery of publishing these fake polls– unless it’s all just for the clicks??


  • Ralph Reed is definitely going to Hell

    To his credit, his adult daughter is hot.


  • Charles Barkley

    The Alabamistan native and Auburn alum is the 1st celebrity to ever significantly help his or her candidate. Barkley’s strategery of scolding voters and calling them “idiots” was surprisingly successful…

    At some point, we’ve got to stop looking like idiots to the nation.

    The tough love worked…


  • Doug Jones 2020 begins on Wednesday

    This is the seat Jeff Sessions won in 2014, so Jones will be up for reerection in 2020– he will need to start campaigning and raising $$$ immediately.

    Expect Jones to be a skosh closer to Trump than many would expect, on issues including:

    • Launching undeclared wars.
    • Tax cuts for the Jews.
    • Muh Israel!
    • Increasing pollution.


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The Regime

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