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Teen Who Threw Baby out of a Window, would ya if you were Roy Moore?   December 6, 2017

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Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly recently sentenced Antonia Lopez to probation for throwing her baby out of a window:

Antonia Lopez was charged as an adult on one count of felony child abuse resulting in death…Police say Lopez threw the baby out of the second-story window before telling her mother.

As part of the probation, Lopez…must deactivate her Facebook account.

Though he might initially balk at Antonia’s ethnicity, Alabamistan Senate candidate Roy Moore obviously would.

But honestly?? Hispanics are racially white anyway, if not culturally so.

Anna Simon, for instance, is technically Spanish.

While Sofia Sisniega is technically Mexican.

MFP official projection: By 2024, the GOP will accept Hispanics as white, and no longer care about Mexican illegal immigration– at which point, the party will switch hatred to another minority.

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