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Trump approval among young voters drops to 25%   December 5, 2017

Trump’s approval rating among Americans age 18-29 has fallen to a new low of 25%. For perspective, Trump won 36% of that demo in 2016.

    Erection 2016

    Hillary Trump
    18-29 55 36
    30-44 51 41
    45-64 44 52
    65 & older 45 52

The poll also found that 1 year out from the 2018 midterms, young voters prefer Democrats control Congress, 65-33%.

But I wouldn’t sweat it:

  • (1) Congressional districts are gerrymandered to the point that incumbents have to try really hard to lose to lose.
  • (2) Trump’s approval rating across the board will rise as soon as Democrats nominate a minority or a woman for 2020.

Speaking of voters age 18-29, actress Sammi Hanratty is 22-years-old, even though she looks 18, which of course is preferable to looking 22…

Even though she’s like an 8?? The over-the-top sluttyness makes her a 9.5.

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