MFP accurately reax to Mike Flynn guilty plea

MP   |   Published originally December 1, 2017

(1) Maggie Haberman

Robert Costa excluded, no one in the MSM has greater access to Trump than Maggie Haberman– kudos to her for sensing shit was amiss 2 days earlier…


(2) Just the tip

The charges against Flynn are just a fraction of what he (and his son) can face if he reneges on the agreement. Among other things, Flynn can still face charges related to:


(3) Flynn saved Jr.

Jr. is now free to once again spew fake news such as:

2 hours later, Jr. wrote of the fake videos:

Verified or not it’s a well known FACT.


(4) Zainab Ahmad

Team Mueller prosecutor Zainab Ahmad is undefeated in terrorism cases, posting a 13-0 record from 2009 to 2017.

At 37-years-old, Zainab is past her prime– but courtroom sketch artists have a major hard-on for her…


(5) Trump wins again

If Jared is, in fact, the “senior official” that directed Flynn to conspire w/ Russia– (1) Jared is Jewish and (2) Trump is now free to rekindle romance w/ Ivanka.


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