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Bwahahaha: Project Veritas botched sting on WaPo   November 27, 2017

James O’Cuck and Steve Bannon on Monday were caught trying to trick WaPo into publishing fake news about Roy Moore– presumably, so they could later cry “ERMAHGERD GUYS, SO MUCH LIBERAL BIAS”.

Like the hapless targets of his sting operations, O’Cuck had no comment:

O’Keefe declined to answer repeated questions about whether the woman was employed at Project Veritas. He also did not respond when asked if he was working with…Moore supporter Stephen K. Bannon.

The group’s efforts illustrate the lengths to which activists have gone to try to discredit media outlets for reporting on allegations from multiple women that Moore pursued them when they were teenagers.

1 of the many clues that tipped off WaPo was that the fat bitch O’Cuck may or may not have allegedly hired to make the false allegations forgot to take down her GoFundMe page:

But let’s get back to me.

You may recall that after I saw screenshots of hilariously titled documents from within the fledgling Rand Paul 2016 campaign– and conveyed that to readers– a dude w/ a hot chick as his avatar tried to trick me into revealing my source:

There are two articles…that I am being “blamed” for writing, which is conflicting with my ability to maintain a job due to a confidentiality agreement I signed. I cannot accept the blame for these articles because it is restricting my ability to get/maintain future work in my field.

Is this something you can help me with?
I really would appreciate the help.

Can I get the name of a contributor and their email address so I can speak to them personally? Is that something you can help me with?

Thankfully, Team Rand’s efforts failed because I happened to know for a fact that there weren’t any hot chicks working there at the time.

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