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MFP accurately explains how Prince Harry got engaged to an unattractive older woman   November 27, 2017

Mark Capra Tweet Email

Despite the Queen’s best efforts, Prince Charles on Monday announced Harry’s engagement to 36-year-old, biracial, borderline unattractive American divorcee Meghan Markle.

Here’s how this happened (for the record, MFP is documented to be right ~97.2% of the time):

  • (1) Meghan initially resisted Prince Harry’s advances due to his “playboy” reputation.
  • (2) Meghan’s unwillingness to give up her pussy made Harry crazy.
  • (3) Unfamiliar with rejection, Harry confused the adolescent desire to want what you cannot have for “love”.
  • (4) Harry professed his love, and Meghan finally gave up the pussy.
  • (5) Harkle were totally in love for several months thereafter.
  • (6) Once the oxytocin wore off, Harry realized that he missed getting blowjobs from 18-year-old 8’s and 9’s on a daily basis.
  • (7) Harry was understandably irritable from the lack of young pussy, so Harkle started bickering.
  • (8) Harkle entered an on-again, off-again period– during which Harry fucked hundreds of 18-year-old women.
  • (9) Harry saw Meghan on Facebook or TMZ or whatever having fun with other dudes, which made him super jealous.
  • (10) Harry, again confusing his adolescent feelings for “love”, drunk called Meghan and professed his love.
  • (11) Harry, wrongly believing he finally got all the fucking 18-year-olds out of his system– proposed to Meghan.

And here we are.

I sincerely wish them the best, but…a biracial 36-year-old??

I am genuinely sorry to say that Meghan Markle will be a ~4.5 by her 40th birthday– at which point, Harry will be unfaithful, angling for divorce, or both (probably both).

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