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Confirmed: When women say “NO”, sometimes they mean “YES”   November 25, 2017

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(For the record, this brings MFP’s accuracy rating to an all-time high of 97.4%.)

A variation of the scene above is a common trope in “romance” novels written for– and often by— women.

This particular episode is from Startz’ Outlander, a TV series based on a novel written by Diana Gabaldon. In 1991, Outlander won the Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award for Best Romance.

The visual guide below explains why Jamie Fraser’s refusal to take “NO” for an answer is seen as “romantic”– while Trump and Charlie Rose are seen as sexual abusers…

Until relatively recently, it was widely accepted that women sometimes said “no” when they really meant “yes”.

For example, here’s Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd’s iconic love scene in Moonlighting

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s fiction, bro”.

But wait!

You may recall that Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh used what would have been considered “stalking” if he was poor and unattractive to seduce his 2nd wife, Sarah:

The brief courtship period started with Harbaugh sitting alone at a Las Vegas P.F Changs bar when he noticed Sarah walking past him.

“He immediately followed me to my car and asked if we could ‘meet up’ sometime,” Sarah recalled. “I thought it was odd. Who talks like that? Then he asked for my number, which I gave to him even though I didn’t want to go out with him.”

Harbaugh called Sarah nine times that night. She ignored him with the notion of strategically calling during practice the next day, getting his voicemail and politely telling his machine it just wasn’t meant to be.

And they lived happily ever after.


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