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Roy Moore is probably going to win, but look on the bright side…   November 25, 2017

Here’s Alabamistan native and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley on next month’s special erection:

Roy Moore is running with Steve Bannon as his right hand man, who’s a white separatist….when he brought in Steve Bannon [he] should’ve been disqualified…how can you have a guy who’s running with a white separatist??

That’s immoral and wrong.

Yeah, but here’s the thing.

If Trump wins reerection, and the GOP wins Congress in a landslide in 2018– it’s going to be worth it just to watch Michelle Malkin complain about getting deported.

If Hitler had it to do all over again?? He probably would’ve worked out an exception for Albert Einstein– as they did for the “honorary Aryan” Japanese??

But for Michelle Malkin??

Malkin doesn’t contribute enough to the Nazi cause to receive special dispensation…

When they turn on her, I’m gonna be like…

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