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Confirmed: Heidi Heitkamp is too ugly to be sexually harassed   October 25, 2017

Female senators appeared on Meet the Press recently to share their touching stories of being victims by sexual harassment.

Here is Chuck Todd’s intro as transcribed by NBC:

4 women U.S. senators tell their stories of sexual harassment…the Harvey Weinstein story has brought to light the ugliness, the humiliation, and perhaps most of all the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault. Many of us, men mostly, were not aware or chose not to be aware of how common this kind of behavior apparently is.

But I was like, there is no fucking way someone sexually harassed Heidi Heitkamp…

Sure enough, while Elizabeth Warren recounted being chased around a room by a horny old dude, and Claire McCaskill was forced to endure a blowjob joke– here’s Heidi Heitkamp’s sexual harassment story:

A law enforcement official came up to me and he pretty much put his finger in my face, and he said ‘listen here, men will always beat their wives and you can’t stop them’.

Many retards continue to claim that “sexual harssment/assault is about power, not sex”

As the Heidi Heitkamp non-sexual harassment story illustrates, that is demonstrably false.

We know it is false because if a wealthy Whoopi Goldberg and a sexy white homeless chick were both thrown into a pit of rapists at the same exact time– the rapists would overwhelmingly gravitate towards the hot homeless chick.

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