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MFP accurately ranks the “F*** N***ers” cheerleaders by order of athleticism   October 18, 2017

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For the uninitiated.

Weber High School officials became aware of the footage Monday after the 10-second video began making the rounds of social media. In the video, the group of junior and senior girls scream “f–k n–gers” while smiling and laughing.

“We are shocked by the conduct of these students and the contents of the video,” according to a statement from the Weber School District.

Cheerleading requires an immense level of dedication and discipline to develop the athletic expertise necessary to succeed.

Ranked below by order of projected athletic potential:

Athletic potential: 5.5/10

Athletic potential: 6/10

Athletic potential: 7.25/10

Athletic potential: 8.99/10

For the record, MFP currently ranks Courtney Byrd as the greatest professional cheerleader in the world today.

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