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Abella Danger accurately claims people think she looks like Wonder Woman   October 5, 2017

People tell legendary adult actress Abella Danger that she looks like Gal Gadot all the time.

Personally, I would prefer to make love to Abella:

  • (1) Nastier.
  • (2) Bigger boobs.
  • (3) Doesn’t have annoying accent.
  • (4) Younger (on top of the ~decade age difference, Gal is having a baby, so her vagina is ruined).

Beyond that, Abella is, at the base level, more carnally attractive– albeit, some would argue– in a trashy way…

A post shared by A. Danger (@dangershewrote) on

A post shared by A. Danger (@dangershewrote) on

I mean, come on.

And just for comparison, here’s Gal…

Aside from the distinctly Jewish look (I’m a fan), I feel like any resemblance is kind of stretch…

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