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Actually, ZERO soldiers died to defend Free Speech   September 24, 2017

This is fmr. NFL great Terry Bradshaw parroting propaganda originally conceived during the Cold War, and popularized to the masses in the 1970’s:

The President of the United came out attacking NFL players for them exercising the freedom of speech.

People died for that freedom!

Prior to 1948, when President Harry Truman first institutionalized peacetime propaganda through the State Dept., most Americans would have scoffed at the notion that soldiers enlisted in the military to defend any of the following:

  • Freedom of subversive speech.
  • Freedom of non-Christian religions.
  • Freedom to protest the National Anthem.
  • Freedom to express controversial political opinions at the workplace.

To the extent that the Bill of Rights was preserved through war, it was purely incidental.

American Revolution

The 20-40% that agitated for rebellion were decidedly anti-free speech. Mobs of “patriots” terrorized those who spoke favorably of the British– eventually forcing some 80,000 “loyalists” to flee overseas.

As for Washington’s Continental Army, the majority of enlistees just needed the money:

A signing bonus and the promise of free land after the war…aimed to fill the ranks of the Continental Army, but was never fully successful. While the Congress authorized an army of 75,000, at its peak Washington’s main force never had more than 18,000 men. The terms of service were such that only men with relatively few other options chose to join the Continental Army.

And when these high-minded idealists weren’t paid as promised, they plotted insurrection:

In March of 1783, a growing number of American military officers, discouraged by lack of regular pay and ongoing financial support, began to openly discuss options that included a wanton disbandment of the army or possibly even a military show of force pointed directly at Congress.

Civil War

The North and South were both anti-free speech. Abraham Lincoln famously suspended Habeas Corpus, and his administration arrested ~14,000 political prisoners and cracked down on more than 300 newspapers.

Civil War soldiers weren’t fighting for speech. In fact, many of them fought against their will:

The Draft Act of 1863 was the first instance of compulsory service in the federal military services…draft riots broke out in New York City and lasted four days.

World War 1 & 2

There is no evidence to suggest that 1 single soldier in World War I or II fought to defend free speech.

The US at the time wasn’t particularly big on civil rights. For example, in WWI dissent was often seen as sedition. In WWII, being Japanese, or even German, was grounds for internment.

The majority of volunteers leading up to and during WWI & WWII were seeking (1) career opportunities, (2) adventure, and/or (3) a chance to kill foreigners…

The rest (a majority) were drafted into compulsory service.

Korea & Vietnam

There is no evidence to suggest that 1 single soldier in Korea or Vietnam fought to defend free speech.

The majority of volunteers leading up to and during Korea and Vietnam were seeking (1) career opportunities and/or (2) adventure…

The rest (~25%) were drafted into compulsory service.

Afghanistan & Iraq

There is no evidence to suggest that 1 single soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan enlisted to defend the right to protest during the National Anthem.

The majority of volunteers leading up to and during Afghanistan and Iraq were seeking (1) career opportunities, (2) adventure, and/or (3) revenge for 9/11.

Case in point, via Army Times:

Struggling…recruiters sometimes bring coffee and doughnuts…Morrison pulled a student aside and learned that he wanted to get into graphic design…”Did [you] know we have multi-media illustrators in the Army?” Morrison asked him, and that got him on board.

In the history of the US armed forces, a recruiter has never ever convinced anyone to join the military by promising a life of hardship so that minorities could protest during the National Anthem.


The myth that soldiers died in defense of free speech is a fairy tale– initially concocted as psychological warfare against the Soviets, and later adopted by various groups to advance their agendas:

  • Beginning in the 70’s, it was adopted by the Left to justify radical liberal provocations deleterious to social cohesion.
  • After 9/11, libertarians adopted it as a defense against war-mongering neocons.
  • After Obama got erected, it was weaponized by largely Jewish “conservative” authors and talk show hosts to justify inciting violence on college campuses in order to sell ghostwritten books.

For better or worse, this propaganda’s author– almost certainly a middle-aged bureaucrat in a small cubicle in a dusty government basement in like, Maryland or something, 60 years ago– never lived to see the decades of arguing between retards that his idea wrought.

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