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MFP officially rules on Tom Brady-Ivanka Trump dating rumor   September 20, 2017

As the Official Arbiter of Conservatism, MFP will rule on the Tom Brady-Ivanka rumor below.

But 1st, here is feminazi Kristine Leahy expressing skepticism that Giselle Basdfdfhin would ever be jealous of Ivanka.

To which FS1’s Jason Whitlock said (in so many words) “bitch, you is crazy!”…

In addition to Anthony Scaramucci’s remarks, there are other data points to consider:

  • In 2004, Trump gave Tom Brady his blessing. In an interview w/ Playboy, Trump said Tom and Ivanka “would make a great combination”.
  • Cryptic Charlie Weis. Fmr. New England Patriots OC Charlie Weis recently said in passing that shortly after Brady won his 1st Superbowl in 2002, he was flying around on private jets with a hot chick.
  • Ivanka would not marry Jared the cuck until Tom Brady was officially off the market. It was only after Tom Brady married Giselle in February 2009 that Ivanka went through with it in November of that same year.
  • Ivanka openly thirsting for Justin Trudeau. This could not have been helpful to Tom’s cause…

Official Ruling

Tom and Ivanka likely did date. However, Tom clearly was unable to close the deal.

Keep in mind that, at the time, Tom was newly wealthy– and likely unsure about how to seduce such a powerful woman.

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