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Kristine Leahy steals news from Reddit   September 19, 2017

Unlike ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, who credited r/NBA and Twitter for breaking Kevin Durant Social Media-gateThe Herd news anchor Kristine Leahy gave the distinct impression that she broke the story:

KL: Durant has a fake Twitter account that he uses to defend himself…and forgot to log out.

Colin Cowherd: That is– you’re very good at this social media stuff.

This would’ve been the perfect time to mention, “as a journalist and your news anchor, I want to make clear that I did not break this story– I’m just regurgitating other people’s work”.

Instead, she was just like:

KL: [IKR smile].

Colin Cowherd: Kristine with the news!

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Rachel Nichols’ strange, inexplicable raw sexual appeal to younger sports fans…

For example, this comment section is representative of any video that features Rachel Nichols…

  • “Rachel out here looking like the PAWG of the week.”
  • “Rachel can get it”
  • “I never realized how sexy she is”
  • “I wanna give her my ballbag”
  • “Ginger goddess 😏”
  • “Rachel thicker than cold oatmeal.”
  • “She is hot as fuck”

Whereas Kristine’s classic, timeless beauty is taken for granted…


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