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Co-host Michael Smith saved Jemele Hill’s job   September 14, 2017

This is SC6 co-host Michael Smith teasing Jemele Hill about nearly costing them both they jobs, after she referred to Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Trump as a “white supremacist”:

You are as high-maintenance as they come! Let’s just put it out there! All the drama I got to deal with today on account of your behind!

You got off the field issues!

All indications are that ESPN’s all-white executives were leaning towards suspending or firing Jemele– until Michael Smith, Cari Champion, and other African-Americans at the network stood up to they massa:

When ESPN allegedly tried to keep Hill off the air, her co-host Michael Smith…refused to do the broadcast without her. ESPN allegedly then tried to replace both hosts with two other black hosts, both of whom refused. The network then reportedly called Hill and invited her back on the air after they balked at the prospect of replacing both black hosts with two white hosts.

In any case, you may recall Smith once threw papers in Jemele’s face…

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