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Tim Ryan isn’t going to beat Trump, ya crazies!   September 10, 2017

For a Midwesterner, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) is fairly shrewd.

You may recall that late last year, Ryan cemented his centrist brand by faux-challenging Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader, writing:

While having a position in Democratic Leadership has never been my life’s ambition, after this election I believe we all need to re-evaluate our roles within the Caucus, the Democratic Party, and our country…that is why I am announcing my run for Minority Leader of the Democratic Caucus.

Ryan knew he would lose, but the move:

  • (1) Increased his name ID.
  • (2) Put him on the radar of donors, campaign managers, staffers, etc.
  • (3) Distanced himself from “transgender bathroom” Democrats.

This sets up the table nicely for his next 2-3 presidential candidacies and accompanying book deals.

MFP Official Projection

MFP (documented to be right 95.2% of the time) can now project that Tim Ryan can’t beat Trump for 2 reasons:

  • Someday, the ancient centrist prophecy of a moderate candidate riding a wave of independents into the WH shall come to pass.

    But until that day, my money is on the tried and tested W., Obama, and Trump strategery of riling up angry, uneducated voters.

  • Ryan’s bitch-ass microaggressions under mild duress suggests he will melt under the white hot heat of presidential scrutiny.

As for Mrs. Ryan, she is far, far too conservative.

With the foundation…

But when she does lather it on, she is a beautiful woman. In fact, from this angle, I would prefer to make love to her over Melania…

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