MFP accurately rates Michelle Malkin

Mark Capra   |   Published originally August 16, 2017

For obvious reasons, we cannot rate CRTV’s Michelle Malkin on an uncapped scale that would put her up against the most beautiful women in the world, including Melissa Theuriau or Kaileigh Brandt.

Instead, we’ll rate Prime Michelle on a curve, wherein (South, I assume) Korean Choi Seol Hwa counts as a 10/10…

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While she is lacking up top, her waist-to-booty ratio is within optimal parameters (for non-African-Americans)…


Michelle circa ’87

For reference, this is Michelle approximately 1 to 1.5 decades later…

Accurate Rating

On a curve
Uncapped Scale
US/UK 6.99 4.5
Los Angeles (wealthy) 6.50 4.0
Asia 7.50 6.99
Saudi Arabia 4.0 1.99
Mom & Dad 4.0 3.0
Would smash

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