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Bwahahaha: Adam Carolla’s healthcare idea is basically Obamacare   August 3, 2017

Over the past few years, Adam Carolla has become a hero to low-information conservatives. Among other things, Adam’s anti-Obamacare stance endeared him to faux-conservative contrarians.

But when Adam revealed his ideal healthcare plan recently, longtime sidekick Bald Bryan noted that it sounded a lot like Obamacare– and included an individual mandate and subsidies for the poor:

My version of…utopia is that…everybody who’s capable of [paying for it, pays for it]…I’m gonna carve out the whoever just physically is not capable of [paying into the system]…that’s what a society is, the other 96% need to come together and float that 4% that’s physically not able…we don’t let that bottom whatever percent fall through the cracks.

The system is: Everybody’s got to have some skin in the game…you don’t just get health care. You have to buy it.

But then “Bald Bryan” was like:

I agree w/ everything that you said. But [w/ Obamacare]– there is an individual mandate! That’s the controversial part…you and I agree on that. Yes, you must buy healthcare.

At which point, after nearly a decade of bitching, Adam decided it was a good idea:

Okay, good…I think we’re on the same page.

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