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Bwahahaha: British people blame Theresa May for a building catching on fire   June 17, 2017

Do you remember when for the last 100 years, when a building catches on fire– firemen would put it out, insurance companies would Jew you, people would sue, and everybody would move on w/ their fucking day??

But in the UK, dealing w/ building codes and choosing the right cladding is suddenly the Head of State’s job:

That tomb in the sky will be forever Theresa May’s monument. Grenfell marks the spot and her visit marks the moment the last vestiges of her career were finally rubbed out. She made it her own yesterday by that fateful “visit” to a handful of senior fire officers, guarding her from any contaminating contact with the bereaved and newly homeless. Dead to emotion or empathy, she sealed her fate.

    Heckled coming out of church

    “Blood, blood, blood on your hands”

    Should resign immediately

    Piers Morgan gets in on the circlejerk

This kind of shit happens in the US all the time– and, to our credit– we don’t give a shit…

US fire statistics

Fires reported per year
~1.3 million
Civilian deaths per year
Civilian injuries per year
Property damage per year
$14 billion

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