Mika refuses to wish Trump a Happy Birthday

MP   |   Published originally June 14, 2017

Incidentally, when Joe Scarborough proposed to Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, I was like, “that’s gross”.

After all, Joe is a wealthy man w/ a full head of hair. He could easily seduce numerous naive, giggly, sexually-repressed interns.

Fmr. congressman David Jolly, for example, “grew apart emotionally” aka dumped his ugly old wife in favor of 27-year-old Laura– whom you may recall he showed off to Bibi Netanyahu…

The point being, Mika on Tuesday refused to wish the Supreme Leader a Happy Birthday.

But when she made this face, it was kinda hot…

Would Smash

Wow, Sami Main got 115% hotter in just 3 years!!

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Would Smash

Trump-hating feminazi, would ya?

Would Smash

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