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Prince Harry’s GF is borderline unattractive   April 12, 2017

Mark Capra Tweet Email

Last summer, Prince Harry confirmed that he was dating 35-year-old borderline unattractive actress Meghan Markle:

A statement issued by Kensington Palace said Harry believed media interest in his love affair with American divorcee Meghan had seen a “line crossed”.

Harry’s statement said “his girlfriend has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment”…[and] also lashed out at the “sexism and racism of social media trolls”.

I am a very unattractive person, inside and out.

I am regularly rejected by less-than-avg.-looking women.

Over the course of my life, I have employed unethical tactics to get laid, such as:

  • Lying about my income.
  • Telling fabricated stories to seem interesting.
  • Claiming I owned a rented car.
  • Claiming I was in law school.
  • Pretending I went to USC.

And yet, I’ve had better than this…


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