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“If Alabamians can put a man on the moon, we can build new prisons”   February 8, 2017

Credit Keith Boykin.
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In his State of the State address Tuesday, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) proposed borrowing $800 million to build 4 new state prisons.

None of the $$$ will find its way into Bentley’s offshore accounts, nor will there be any no-show jobs for Bentley’s family and friends– that, I can tell you.


If Bentley looks familiar, it’s because he famously denied “sexual activity” with staffer Rebekah Mason…

Mason, you may recall, totally earned 600k:

Mason…has been paid $426,978.43 via her Tuscaloosa-based company, RCM Consulting.

Records at show that Mason has received $161,571.67 in state funds during the Bentley administration. Those payments–in fiscal years 2011, 2012, and 2013–were listed mostly as “personnel costs,” with a small amount for “out of state travel.”

That brings total payments, to Rebekah Mason or her company, to $588,550.10.


Since Bentley took office in 2011, AL has a higher crime rate than “crime-infested”, “liberal hellholes” CA, MA, and NY…

Crime Rate since 2011

Murder Rape
AL 6.6 28.8
CA 5.9 28.4
MA 2.1 24.7
NY 4.2 ~22.1

* Stats compiled by AY.

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